Why Montessori Inspired is So Beneficial for Your Child

“The Hand is the Instrument of the Mind”- Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori Inspired came to be after years of doing what Dr. Montessori admonished us to do when she said “look to the child”. Some of the most popular work in our classrooms were the geometric stencils and insets. Children would spend their time developing their grip and fine motor skills by using these stencils regularly. Because of this, we saw an opportunity to cultivate the children’s interest in developing hand strength by introducing new material in the classroom that suited that need. Thus, the Montessori inspired stencils were created! 

Current neuroscientists have found that “tracing exercises improve children in three areas- speaking, writing, and reading”. More specifically, “tracing complex lines stimulate neurons in the brain”.


Our stencils were carefully chosen with that in mind- to give the opportunity to challenge the child. We introduce mammals, sea life, and other types of animals in the pursuit of expanding the child’s scope of understanding. Seeing the interest of the children in these shapes led to incorporating them into existing Montessori work. In doing so, children were able to expand the use of their hands in actually drawing the land/water shapes, the solar systems, continents, and the symbols of our language- all leading to pencil control.


Another important aspect of our stencils is the open ended creature of creativity.


These beautiful stencils complete the Montessori environment, providing the means for natural artistic development. The child is ready to embellish the background with clouds, volcanoes, flowers, or wherever their imaginations take them!

Whether it’s in punching the shapes out with a needle, sponge painting over card stock, or simply tracing a booklet with a pencil, the fine motor skill gained is invaluable to any child. Our Montessori inspired stencils were design with just that in mind, making them a crucial addition to any and all classrooms.


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