Peacock Stencil


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The ‘Peacock’ refers to male peafowls (females known as ‘Peahens’), and are most recognized by their vibrant and colorful tails. Peafowls are found natively in Asia, making them the perfect bird to add to our Asian Zoology set.

Our stencils are great in the classroom or at home! They challenge the child to stabilize the frame while they trace the outline. Both strengthen dexterity and concentration while setting off that spark of creativity crucial to development. If they are of the younger crowd, have no fear! These are still perfect stencils to use with sponge-painting, as they are super easy to wipe down to use time and time again!

Product Details

  • 51/2″x51/2″ stencils
  • 1/8″ Yellow acrylic
  • Durable
  • Easy to wipe clean


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