“What the hand does, the mind remembers”

-Dr. Maria Montessori


We are a Montessori inspired shop striving to provide parents and teachers with quality products promoting educational growth.

Our grandmother started as a Montessori teacher in the Northern Colorado region in 1968. She opened multiple successful schools in the forty years that followed, and instilled in us a deep appreciation for the Montessori philosophy. We are continuing her legacy with our passion for creating affordable and quality products for your learning environment.

We believe in every child’s ability to grow and learn at their own pace. Our products are inspiring, exciting, and spark that passion for learning that’s inside every child’s heart!

Along with our educational supplies for children, we also wanted to create a place for all caregivers to find their own inspiring products that show off their passion for Montessori education.

We hope to have something for everyone so that we all can have a little Montessori in our lives.

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Mariah and Sage Roe